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Extremely popular on the time trial and triathlon scene, aerodynamic hydration systems give you that competitive edge when you're out on the straight flats.

Our aero hydration kit includes: mounting systems, bottle cages and speed fill bottles; all designed to help you slice through the air as you race towards the finish line.

For years the motto among cyclists has been lighter is better, which has resulted in carbon fiber frames and components, creating bikes that are almost feather-like in weight. Professional cyclists - and even weekend warriors - will often diet hard to bring down their body weight as well as their bike weight, but there has to come a time when you just can't get any lighter without sacrificing strength and speed; and that's when you go aero.

What makes your hydration aero?

Going aero can mean all sorts of things, including wearing an aerodynamic helmet, clothing and even tuning up your bike to fight the war against wind resistance. Once you have all this down, getting your hydration aerodynamic is a finishing touch that can help you smash your personal bests, shaving seconds off your time.Key features of aerodynamic hydration accessories include:- Long straw-tubes that reach your mouth, allowing you to stay in the aero position without moving.

- Easy-open, wide topped refill systems for splash-free liquid changeover.

- Aerodynamic tapered casing.

With the initial weight off your bike, the next step is to make it a wind-fighting machine. Using our professional aero hydration kit, you can stack up those marginal gains and leave your competition trailing in second place.

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