Know Your Tools

Pit-stops and preparation. Have the right bike tools on hand.

Find out all you need to know about bike tools and be well-equipped for any situation you may encounter whilst out cycling.

A good tool kit is essential in most homes, but a cycling-specific one is even more crucial when you travel on two wheels. Having a good selection of bike tools can be very handy and beneficial, as you never know which intricate part of your machine will need adjusting or tweaking whilst on the road.

It’s not just your standard repair tool kit that is good to have in your repertoire, but with cycling and because of the nature of your bike, it’s useful to have things like a bike workstand , a cleaning kit and storage for all the extras and accessories you accumulate.

Storing your bike tools in a saddle bag helps you to keep them on-hand at all times, and investing time and space in setting up a ‘workshop’ area can be great for keeping your bigger tools in one easy, accessible place - read our handy Bike Accessories Guide for tips on how to customise your bike.

Be Prepared to fix any Issue on the Road

Be Prepared to fix any Issue on the Road

A bike multi tool is an indispensable tool that will typically include a range of Allen keys, screw drivers, knives, chain breakers, spoke wrenches and any other combination of useful tools. This is incredibly handy to carry with you on a ride, so you can be prepared to fix anything minor from a loose chain to a saddle adjustment – and it's small and compact so no burden to carry! Alongside a multi tool, be prepared by investing in a puncture repair kit, a Rema repair patch as well as a set of our very own PBK tyre levers too so that with all three, you are unstoppable on the road.

Workshop tools, storage and safety

Some tools won’t fit in your saddle bag or a large rucksack for that matter, so having a suitable workshop space can be invaluable for those bigger items and general organisation and preparation. A workshop space can be anything from a corner of a room set aside especially for your bike and equipment, to a full garage dedicated to all of your cycling gear - and growing bike collection.

In this space you can set up a bike workstand , which will hold your bike up steady, giving you enough room to get around it and perform cleaning and maintenance .

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