Cateye Bike Lights

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Cateye bike lights are among the best in the industry. Designed with your safety while out on the roads and trails in mind, Cateye bike lights emit bright beams of light that’ll ensure you are seen by other road users. Explore the range at ProBikeKit and brighten up your rides with a complete set, an individual front or rear light, or a wearable. You can also view our complete range of bike lights.
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Cateye bike lights cover the full spectrum of cycling-specific illumination devices, from powerful rechargeable headlamps to small wearable devices.


The AMPP range of lights offers top-level build quality and power at reasonable prices. The AMPP 800, for example, packs up to 800 lumens (no prizes for the “guess how many lumens it has” game), into a sturdy package, operated by simple to use button. With five different light settings to choose from, whatever the riding conditions you’ll have the right light option. Even for daytime riding, there’s a hyper-constant and flashing mode that uses all the 800 lumens available. This will give you that additional piece mind to know you’re maximising your chances of being seen when out on the road.

Volt Do you Want?

If you’re really looking to shine a light on your riding, Cateye’s Volt series offers truly class-leading performance. The Volt 1700, with its 1700 lumens (even fewer prizes on offer in the “guess how many lumens it has” game), is a powerful USB rechargeable light. Powerful enough to light up even the darkest trails, it’s a light suitable for even the most diehard downhill rider. The fact this light remains so popular, despite minimal changes to design or performance over a number of years, is testament to build quality and performance of this class-leading light.

But it’s not all big and flashy (pun intended) bike lights with Cateye. There are also clever devices like the Reflex Auto which will automatically come to life when darkness or motion are detected. As well as wearable devices that you can attach to your helmet, bag, or clothing.