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When travelling abroad with your bike, there are few better companions than a Scicon bike bag, as industry leaders they are renowned for the levels of long-lasting protection and security they afford. If you want to travel with a bike, without the constant worry of it succumbing to the rigors of air travel, then look no further.

Since it was founded in 1980, Scicon has led the way in creating the toughest and most ingenious ways to protect your bike when travelling by air. They are, quite simply, the case that other brands aspire to be like. Used to securely transport the bikes of leading WorldTour riders, as well as those of countless amateur cyclists, there are few brands — if any — with a better reputation for keeping your pride and joy safe.

Clever By Design

Scicon are long-time innovators in the space of bike boxes and their accessories. From day one they have actively sought feedback from athletes in order to shape and improve their range products. More than 30-years ago they introduced the first hard-sided bike case, and since then they have worked hard to ensure they stay ahead of the competition.

Across its range, it caters to road bikers, triathletes, and mountain bikers. Its class-leading Evolution, for example, has been a mainstay in transporting bikes for a number of years. You’ll be impressed by the way your case neatly and securely packs everything away. But where it truly sets itself aside from its competition is the neat touches. Shaped by experience, the box’s wheels are tucked away to ensure they aren’t damaged by clumsy baggage handlers. On the inside, plush foam is provided, which’ll make you think twice about whether you or your bike is going to have the more comfortable trip.

A Shade More Than Baggage

Though they might be industry leaders in bike cases, Scicon offers a variety of supplementary products. It’s not often a cycling brand is able to successfully branch out from a core product so effectively, but in a few short years the Italian brand have introduced a competitive range of cycling sunglasses. Framing the face of Tadej Pogačar for some of his greatest victories, what they lack in heritage, they make up for in palmarès.

So take the stress out of travelling abroad. With our extensive range of bike boxes and bags, you bring lasting peace of mind, there’s bound to be something for you.