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From aero race wheels, to rugged mountain bike wheels, we have a full complement of Fulcrum wheels available today. Founded in Italy, in 2004, the company’s heritage may not be as long reaching as some bike companies. But, what the company lacks in age, it makes up for in experience; founded by three-former aerospace engineers, in their products they have utilized that experience to ‘deliver the best performance that technology can offer’.

Ingrained in all the company’s wheels are thousands of hours of research and development time. The company also keenly seek feedback on their wheels’ performance, not only from professional athletes but every day cyclists too, ensuring that all of their wheels are up to the task put to them. Whether that job is racing for a stage win in the Giro d’Italia or getting to the café first on a Sunday ride, it’s up to you.

On The Road

For the road rider, Fulcrum offers lightweight, robust, and technologically advanced wheels. Whether you are in need of a wheel for time trialing, road racing, training, or something in between, then we have something for you.

The top-range model is the full-carbon Speed collection. With a name like that, it doesn’t take an aerospace engineer to realize that this wheel is engineered to be fast. But it is also lightweight and versatile enough to offer a comfortable ride.

A little down the line is the Racing Zero wheel. Again, no prizes for guessing that this is a wheel for racing. However, unlike the Speed collection, it’s an alloy rim. The Racing Zero’s with shallower rim makes them lightweight and ideal for big days out in the mountains.

Below its top tier models, there’s also a range of Racing wheels catering to a host of budgets and particular needs.

Off Road

As with the majority of contemporary wheel makers, Fulcrum has branched out to incorporate off-road wheels within its range. You’ll find some of the more robust Race series wheels up to a bit of gravel. Or the Rapid Red wheels have been purpose made to ‘break free from the shackles of tarmac’.

So, whether you need a set of alloy wheels for winter road riding, or a tough carbon wheelset for mountain biking, shop Fulcrum wheels at ProBikeKit UK.