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Whether your chosen discipline is cross country (XC), downhill (DH) or enduro, or trail then there’s bound to be a tire — or two or three … — right for you among our extensive Maxxis range. Unlike most of the giants in the cycling industry that trace their roots back to producing tires for motorized vehicles, Maxxis have always been about bike tires. It may have broadened its range in its more than 50 years of experience, but it still ranks among the tire makers to beat in the world of cycling, especially for mountain biking.

Tyres For Everything

Maxxis have a reputation for finding the perfect rubber compound (in some tires, two), level of traction, and casing durability for a tire’s particular purpose. Depending on the occasion, their tires can be grippy, durable and fast, or a combination of all three. It’s this versatility across terrains and conditions that has made the Taiwanese manufacturer such a popular choice among mountain bikers.

For example, the Minion DH range, one of the company’s most popular, is ideal for downhill and MTB in loose and muddy conditions. Its aggressive tread pattern is a common sight on pro-bikes the world over and it has earned its reputation as the ‘gold standard’ among trail, enduro and DH tires.

But, don’t be deterred if DH isn’t your chosen discipline. Maxxis produces XC mountain bike tires with a less aggressive tread pattern, which are slightly thinner for faster rolling over smoother trails.

Tyre Tech

Across all of its range you can rest assured that thought has gone into the technology employed. Whether it’s the brand’s Dual Compound tires designed with a harder base, to last longer; the Super Tacky compound for use DH; EXO Protection for enhanced protection from cuts and abrasions; to name but a few.

So, whether you need a set of Maxxis tires for your next UCI World Cup race or just need a set of durable mountain bike tires to hit the trails with your friends, find your perfect pair at ProBikeKit.