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Jagwire are one of — if not, the — leading makers of bike gear and brake cables. Even if you weren’t aware of it, it’s possible you’ve shifted or braked with Jagwire cables, as they’re the OEM choice for many of the world’s biggest bike makers. Whether you’re looking for a component to upgrade your standard cables or you’re re-stocking your spares, we have a range of brake and gear cables, as well as hosing and housing.
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The OEM and Aftermarket Choice

Founded in 1986, since then Jagwire have produced and manufactured some of the leading cables, housing, and control-system products in the bike industry. So much so, they’re featured on bikes coming off assembly lines across the world. Not only are they choice of bike makers, they’re also the aftermarket choice for many home mechanics. But you don’t become one of the leading aftermarket manufacturers of bike components and spares without being innovative and creative, nor without demonstrating a willingness to continue to push your product range forwards. All of which Jagwire continues to do.

Pro and Elite Cables

The Elite Link gear cable set is easily a step up from the standard cables that come on a new bike. Utilizing a series of aluminium links to create a compression-free system, you can expect smooth shifting performance. In addition to improved performance, the Elite Link also offers an extra layer of protection from its quality sealing. If you ride in particularly wet and muddy conditions, then the Elite Sealed cable set is up to the job. In this system, a continuous liner is used to seal the system off from the elements entirely, ensuring your cable systems aren’t clogged up by muck and dirt.

Kevlar … It Must Be Good!

The Road Pro Brake kit useless Kevlar reinforced compression-less brake housing to deliver smooth and strong braking performance. Available in a variety of colours, it’s an excellent way to not only boost the performance of your bike but to jazz it up at the same time. Pair this is with the Pro Shift kit, and you’ll have faultless shifting, to match your powerful braking. If you’re looking for ways to step-up your braking and shifting performance from the stock OEM cables then the Pro range is difficult to beat.

So, shop some of the highest-quality cable sets (gear and brake cables), as well as cable housing, liners, hydraulic hosing, and other related kit at ProBikeKit.